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  1. SPEDI Grid Gallery for Phoca Gallery is a Joomla Module which creates 4 fantastic layouts for the albums on Phocagallery.
    It is compatible for Joomla 3.x.
    The installation procedure is default, and is defined here.
    The requirements for the extension to work properly are:
    - Phocagallery 3.x
    - Bootstrap v4
    already installed on your Joomla website.

    SPEDI Grid Gallery has 4 different layouts:
    - Grid
    - Masonry-grid
    - Isotope
    - Slide-auto
    Demo here.

    SPEDI Grid Gallery is customizable in every part.

    The options available are:
    • Jquery load. (recommended);
    • Lightbox (if you choose YES, click on the images will open a lightbox with Magnific Popup, otherwise the click will be directed to the Phocagallery component);
    • Multi-categories select;
    • Ability to enter a description that will appear under the title of the form;
    • It will be possible to insert only the images that will be considered to show an album indicating the IDs of the same separated by ‘;’ (eg 1; 20; 25; 10);
    • Set a maximum limit of images to show;
    • Set the margin between one image and another;
    • Set the fluid container or not;
    • Choose how many photos to display per line (grid layout only)
    • Set the height of the images (only for layouts: grid, slide-auto)
    • Customize the color of the text and background of the overlays;
    • Set the random order of the images shown;
    • Choose whether to show a personalized link at the end of the gallery;

  2. Joomla Virtuemart WorldPay Payment Gateway - Joomla Virtuemart WorldPay Payment Gateway is an another Virtuemart payment addon of one of most popular payment solution provider WorldPay. Worldpay is a global leader in payments processing technology and solutions. They provide reliable and secure proprietary technology platforms that enable merchants to accept a vast array of payment type, anywhere in the world.


    • Direct order of payment.
    • Option for Charging of transaction.
    • Option for Authorizing of a transaction. In this type of transaction, WorldPay deducts the cart value from the shopper's account and authorizes it to the admin's account which must be captured by the admin from WorldPay.
    • Easy to install and configure.
    • WorldPay provides complete reliable and secure way for a transaction(s).

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

  3. Joomla Virtuemart Product Custom Video - Joomla Virtuemart Product Custom Video, is a unique and remarkable Virtuemart addon, with the help of this plugin admin, can add product description videos or tutorial video in case of machinery item(s).This is plugin both the custom and YouTube video can be added to the storefront view and in Virtuemart product detail page. This plugin increase sales volume opportunity, since the product video demonstration or product video advertisement, plays an important role in increasing the sale of the product through better promotional impact.

    - Attach YouTube/custom video link for each product: You can display video(s) those are available on youtube/custom for each product you want to display in storefront and product detail page.
    - Admin can set YouTube or custom video URL for each product.
    - YouTube Video option like show info, disable keyboard, full screen.
    - This plugin basically acts as a custom filed for a product.
    - Increase sales volume opportunity, since the product video demonstration or product video advertisement plays an important role in increasing the sale of the product through better promotional impact.
    - Cross browser compatible.
    - Admin can set multiple videos on a single product.
    - Store admin can set autoplay option for each product video.
    - Admin can set seek time to start for every product video(only for YouTube videos).

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

  4. Plugin for TinyMCE editor (default in Joomla CMS). Plugin creates Table of contents for article during editing.

    After installation and enabling plugin, new button "Contents" is added to Editors toolbar.

    You can easily create simple Table of contents - just place cursor at the position where you want to have the result and press button "Contents". All other things is done by the plugin.

    Base on H1 -H6 headers from your article plugin creates navigation links at the current cursor position. Text of the links is the same as content of header tags. All links points to anchors that are automatically added to all header tags. It allows your users to navigate thru the article on your site.

    You can edit the default heading of the Table of Contents in the plugins properties.

    After Table of Contents is created you can adjust the result for your needs. For example, change the links text, or order.

    Note, that plugin automatically sets the #id attribute for header tags to point that tags from the contents table.

    There is no additional scripts or css-stiles required for sites front-end.

  5. This very simple module with its plugin allows you to switch default style in the fromtend, choising from a list of available template styles.

    It may me used for demo/testing purpose, and, also, for visually impaired people.

    The user picks up default template style from a list as shown on the right side of this page, then, CG Style plugin displays all pages using this new default template style.

    While testing this module, please note that my alternative template is not that beautiful, it's just there for testing purpose.....

    The user choice is stored in a cookie. Its duration is set in "duration" parameter (in days). If you set it up to 0 value, cookie's duration will be current session.

    Version 1.0.9: code optimization
    Version: 1.0.8: easy CSS customization